The Narrative Project #1


A nurse that is protecting the world from a pandemic. In 2020 the world finds themselves in a global pandemic with the disease is called COVID-19. While in the public is in isolation and panic buying supplies,we find that the NHS and other global health organisations around the world have doctors and nurses,drained, tired and using all of their strength to save and protect the public and the world from this deadly disease. The draining in their faces the bruises from their gear and PPE. Nobody will ever know the sights that they have seen the terror, fear of having the disease and not having enough protective gear/ PPE and the fear that they possess from this epidemic.
MODEL:the model I used was my mother(JEN DAVIES), in this current situation I had to use the people who I am living with. I decided to use my mother as she is a creative person and also brought an element of performance within the photographs.


I told my model to act as she is exhausted and tired from a long shift, act as she was in pain and in misery of what is going on. I also told to act as if the world (globe) needed care and that it was a child in need.


We used the clothing that we had at home, my fathers white shirt for the nurse uniform, medical masks, gloves and goggles. For the makeup I decided to use a Morphie eye shadow pallet with colours made to look like bruising on the skin from wearing PPE. I decided to use a photo reference of a nurse from Italy with bruising on his face and looked and what colours went at what part of the face structure.
I choose to put the photographs in black and white to show emotion and a humane feeling.