The world is at a pause, people are inside and protecting themselves, there is a decrease in pollution, nobody on the roads, nobody to be seen, except for Mother Nature herself. She repossesses what is hers, more birds in the sky’s, dolphins in the Venice canals, water’s clearer, grass is greener, sheep roaming free in villages in wales, boar’s roaming in French villages. Like a world without humans we see that Mother Nature is repossessing and protecting the world around us while we are stuck at home.


The model I used was my mother(JEN DAVIES), in this current situation I had to use the people who I am living with. I decided to use my mother as she is a creative person and also brought an element of performance within the photographs.


I told my model to act as she is mothering the globe/world like a baby.


We used the clothing that we had at home, a green velvet top, black skirt, and green blanket.
I decided to edit the image to give a feel of a renaissance painting with the halo above the head of mother nature. I wanted a feeling of a biblical approach of mother nature taking back what she owns.